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- Moving out of my WH. Can be sold with POS in place + carriers or without.Basics: 8 planets (4 x ba ...2011.06.20 15:45:00
- anyone buying a system from AHARM gets everything they deserve :POnly vaguely familiar with AHARM, b ...2011.06.03 14:37:00
- Edited by: Satallius on 21/05/2011 01:35:35 Meh, I don't think you need to defend the religion. It' ...2011.05.21 02:47:00
- Meh, I don't think you need to defend the religion. It's safe to say that the vast majority of human ...2011.05.20 22:46:00
- US based Christian cult that is convinced the world ends tomorrow. Founder: ...2011.05.20 22:30:00
- LOL at the OP and <3 CCP for their End of the World promotion.p.s. apologies in advance if the raptu ...2011.05.20 22:14:00
- Character recieved, thanks again. Very nice toon. ...2011.05.20 12:25:00
- isk and account sent. cheers ...2011.05.19 23:04:00
- Per in game convo, b/o of 1.8 bil ...2011.05.19 22:59:00
- Edited by: Deezy Jones on 27/04/2011 02:56:32 Definitely don't train any of the capital remote repp ...2011.04.27 02:56:00
- If you are planning any extended amount of time searching wormholes, train all the astrometrics and ...2011.04.27 02:50:00
- Good luck with this sale, but your toon has a minor identity crisis. The tool may tell you its wort ...2011.04.26 19:22:00
- Nice toon. Lack of covops is a bit surprising and a potential negative for anyone wanting to take t ...2011.04.26 19:17:00
- skills link? know it's not much in the way of SP, but would be nice to see what i'd be buying other ...2011.04.21 21:00:00
- 800 mil ...2011.04.20 19:35:00

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