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- The heat damage is random with a non-uniform distribution. Modules closer to the overheating module, ...2010.08.27 14:45:00
- In most situations: No.When next to a ship maintenance array (either on a POS, carrier or Orca): Yes ...2010.08.24 14:34:00
- You mention the corp privileges can you be more specific of what rights we should give. :) and which ...2010.08.12 14:12:00
- Edited by: Ferdi Faurie on 11/08/2010 14:39:38 Is this with any container or do we need a certain o ...2010.08.12 02:49:00
- That could work but then the CEO has to have everyones password to access there container :), We do ...2010.08.11 14:37:00
- You can password protect the containers but only restrict the protection to "Unlocking". ...2010.08.11 14:27:00
- If you trained ethnic relations from 0 to 1, for example, you must click the Update button there so ...2010.08.10 01:16:00
- The stuff you bought is in the Items hangar. If not, make sure you are in the correct station. You c ...2010.08.08 19:11:00
- Partially true. You need to set your personal standings to your alt high AND ...Or simply have the o ...2010.08.02 01:25:00
- Only 80-90k EHP? a dozen Tempests will do (approximately).. ...2010.07.31 03:28:00
- Without knowing which mission and your limitations (both player and character skills), it is very di ...2010.07.23 19:16:00
- Edited by: Sandeep on 24/07/2010 02:32:36 Thx but remember what I exactly said- I can't really find ...2010.07.23 19:11:00
- Remember you are still dealing about 83% of your paper DPS when the target is at half falloff. ...2010.07.22 01:37:00
- ...2010.07.15 08:05:00
- "Session change already in progress" or "You cannot do that while warping". It's due to a small lag. ...2010.07.14 14:13:00

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