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- "Why the client saves all images in different sizes is a riddle for me, though."If I had to guess, s ...2003.07.15 17:57:00
- "Not any chance Aerick, this would let people replace their portrait with some **** stuff..."I don't ...2003.07.15 15:53:00
- If nothing else, it'd be nice to be able to turn your head. My neck is getting sore. ...2003.07.15 14:52:00
- csebal, my earlier response was not directed at you. You raise legitimate points and you raise them ...2003.07.15 14:24:00
- "Question: why am i even posting questions? We all know its not gonna solve anything and we all know ...2003.07.15 13:46:00
- Shorty, that's an excellent idea and I really can't fault the GM for not thinking of it, since it di ...2003.07.14 13:00:00
- I put in an "other" petition for exactly this problem last week, and although it took a couple days, ...2003.07.11 12:44:00
- "Im glad they removed the save password feature. No game ive played has had it, and im glad they did ...2003.07.10 20:39:00
- You know those bugs you hate so much? They don't come from out of nowhere. New code leads to new b ...2003.07.09 19:28:00
- I think that either you're missing an important point in this suggestion, or I'm reading too much in ...2003.07.08 18:38:00

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