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- Yes the NC can field mad numbers, but we have been pushed that way continuosly by other entities com ...2010.05.23 01:07:00
- <3 my Greek Friends :) ...2010.03.31 12:27:00
- Ohh ****, you are dog **** stupid bad. ...2010.03.30 11:13:00
- wow, WI is doomed, everyone knows your jb network and passwords now!!!!!!!! ...2009.10.17 06:24:00
- SB's need to be nerfed c/d?The fracking external link thing needs to be nerfed to ffs. ...2009.09.27 13:09:00
- Just struggling quite alot to prioritise EVE between busy work and a newborn.You taught it to mine ...2009.09.20 10:32:00
- xxxx > goon tower in BWF is onlineseveral GoonSwarm and NC towers are going live in BWF, with inten ...2009.08.31 09:21:00
- With the addition of Minor Threat to our blue slots, we have now finally after many months of fighti ...2009.08.25 08:51:00
- Why would NC Move from their fortress up north? they are too busy getting fat and being merry on ple ...2009.08.23 08:56:00
- You are indeed right, but the target is wrong. We are indeed full out assaulting someone but it is n ...2009.08.21 01:16:00
- Edited by: Metal Dude on 29/06/2009 23:30:13Imagine even numbersNC would never engage with even numb ...2009.06.30 12:15:00
- Edited by: Cerlestes on 30/06/2009 10:56:57 A little life lesson about fighting solar: They wont s ...2009.06.30 12:10:00
- Any additional convo tears from Razor officials to share ?Me>I went to the gym today XXX>Howd it go ...2009.06.26 07:30:00
- The guy talking sounds like drop dead fred and other then that, Vuk has nice buns. ...2009.06.23 13:30:00
- Our "identity" is pretty simple: We're a mid sized alliance with dedication and persistence in defen ...2009.06.22 11:01:00

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