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- thanks for the explanation guys ...2011.04.15 10:36:00
- Because you won't be running all those modules constantly, and when you pulse the reppers, the CCCs ...2011.04.15 05:06:00
- Ok so ive been looking around and found that the standard for a triage archon is something along the ...2011.04.15 04:57:00
- Just wondering how much this guy would sell for: ...2011.04.13 01:46:00
- truncated content ...2011.04.13 01:24:00
- “If you're not willing to fight for what you have in ≡v≡… you don't deserve it, and you ...2011.03.30 01:24:00
- PDU is there because you dont have enough PG for the fit without it...anything to solve that? (i gue ...2011.03.23 01:13:00
- Edited by: Bronya Boga on 23/03/2011 00:48:39 Hey, hows it goin?alright so, in about two weeks ill ...2011.03.23 00:38:00
- OP....go slap yourself in the face.... ...2011.03.05 05:47:00
- Hey, dont worry we are actually nice once you gt to know us. ...2011.02.13 00:21:00
- People insist on feeding obvious trolls... ...2011.02.11 08:07:00
- alright sounds good Ill prolly buy 2 of them and try them out in different situations. ...2011.01.30 00:28:00
- Better than the Drake now that it's been nerfed.How and when did the drake get nerfed? I hadnt read ...2011.01.29 23:59:00
- Edited by: Bronya Boga on 29/01/2011 22:15:22 how come u didnt use 425's? EDIT: nvm figured it out ...2011.01.29 22:13:00
- So I just got myself into a Hurricane with T2 guns and I haven't used it so far (was waiting on the ...2011.01.29 20:26:00

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