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- Xenuria puts on cooling suit Xenuria puts on football helmet Xenuria plays starcraft 2Autismo-Mec ...2011.07.07 17:15:00
- The "riots" in jita are probably not going to last much longer. Summervisiters have a very short att ...2011.06.25 23:05:00
- Tippia: Why won't you pop? Xenuria: Beneath this hull is more then pod goo, there is an idea Tippia ...2011.06.24 02:32:00
- Isk sent.I have not received any isk from you... ...2011.06.20 17:12:00
- i love everyone, but guys dont tell anybody where im hiding, about 3/4 of the pilots in eve will sho ...2011.06.20 03:06:00
- Edited by: TonyCandthejets on 20/06/2011 02:01:46 ...2011.06.20 02:01:00
- I need to borrow 5 Million isk. I plan to pay it back within the month... ...2011.06.20 01:17:00
- Try and look past what you dislike about me and focus on the actual data and the question itself. "T ...2011.06.12 23:01:00
- What's not to know about EHP? Link please that should be a good read!This was some time ago. I tried ...2011.06.09 03:38:00
- Edited by: TonyCandthejets on 08/06/2011 19:49:38 GET A ROPE!There is a Summer*** over here!FilthyD ...2011.06.08 19:46:00
- Edited by: RAW23 on 08/06/2011 18:02:01 Simple really..... HTFUEveryone complains of being offended ...2011.06.08 18:05:00
- I got a theory. Steps1. Make a portrait that features odd graphical anomalies. 2. Image is saved C ...2011.06.06 19:51:00
- Oh what Fresh Hell is this? They fixed it... Again... Dame.. ...2011.06.04 22:19:00
- Youtube killed the video and bannned my account. I am seriously debating weather or not I should "n ...2011.06.02 17:42:00
- *reads thread topic*modding is against EULA/LOCK Hurr Hurr.. Thats how they do it. amirit? ...2011.05.26 03:26:00

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