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- Uzii Jay,97,84,21,164,77,51 ...2011.07.24 09:08:00
- It boils down to CCP having 24 combinations of characters to be made, and only giving 1 single combi ...2011.01.18 22:10:00
- Edited by: Uzii Jay on 18/01/2011 22:13:14 Edited by: Uzii Jay on 18/01/2011 22:12:37 My character ...2011.01.18 22:01:00
- And who decided dock option at the bottom was best place on the right click menu?QFT Someone who th ...2011.01.18 16:58:00
- Are we stuck with our previous Race/Bloodline/Gender? Because, for every old player to be stuck with ...2011.01.18 16:37:00
- Thanks for the responses, very helpful indeed. I know I'd have to keep the same setup and skill for ...2011.01.14 13:48:00
- And you're completely ignoring the fact that deep space scanner probes can be used to see what a sys ...2011.01.13 23:11:00
- So, what minor points if any, about the ship models bother others? None. I'm Amarrian, all my ships ...2011.01.13 16:44:00
- Edited by: Uzii Jay on 08/01/2011 21:16:29 Edited by: Uzii Jay on 08/01/2011 21:15:57 I'm fairly p ...2011.01.08 21:14:00
- And why do all the Amarrian males look 100 years older than all the other races and bloodlines, even ...2011.01.08 02:20:00

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