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- Butter Troll strikes again.You weren't funny even years ago. ...2011.06.29 13:07:00
- It's possible to get my hard earned RL money back? ...2011.06.28 20:47:00
- I'll offer 5% per month. Just send the isk to me. ...2011.06.27 09:07:00
- Is it safe to use my password on this forum?Thank god I picked another one than in game...ohwait.Rem ...2011.04.10 19:15:00
- It would be great to hear something from CCP about this.Or is the silence saying that it's ok to bot ...2011.03.06 15:05:00
- I believe the industry standard of 15.00 was first started by SOE. Previously, industry standard w ...2011.02.06 13:51:00
- On 2 other eve related forums there are quite detailed information on how the bots work. Removing lo ...2011.01.11 12:46:00
- I'm from 14-6-2003 :-)Not been very active for the last half year tho. Seen about everything i coul ...2010.11.11 21:29:00
- Hello, 2003 player reporting in.The problem with Eve now (as I feel) is that every single thing you ...2010.11.01 22:20:00
- BE are doing their usual routine of killing of people. Good job as usual too. To all whiners that sa ...2010.10.27 16:43:00
- MS summed it up pretty nicely.CCP has made a load of bad decisions the last years and many vets have ...2010.09.20 21:34:00
- Wow. Only one moron mentioned lag. That's impressive. Participate in mass testing and you'd see that ...2010.06.28 16:26:00
- The lag.And the constant additions of stuff that makes people blob more. ...2010.06.27 20:22:00
- I think it's an excellent idea to use a supercarrier to mine. Remember that it has a much larger car ...2010.05.07 07:30:00
- omg. I spent 7 years on this game. ...2010.05.06 12:25:00

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