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- They did say at fanfest at the thing were people told the guy what to draw, I think, that earlier in ...2010.06.21 17:04:00
- Many make the argument that caldari dont care about looks only that the ships work. well most of the ...2010.06.21 08:58:00
- Thanks Chribba :D ...2010.06.20 18:55:00
- I wish that atleast that re-stream worked but can't even open the page. :P ...2010.06.20 18:25:00
- Edited by: Draknishar on 20/06/2010 15:18:17 Sweden.Command gave me nothing.Update: TCP 85.230.189. ...2010.06.20 15:15:00
- Simply amazing, I liked the first one but this was better in every way. :)Will seed for the next six ...2009.05.10 13:02:00
- Me and a few others had this problem and for all of us this was fixed by leaving chat channels with ...2009.03.15 12:14:00
- Entering game as...For the first time I wish there was a minigame during loading screen. ...2009.03.11 21:05:00
- Which test - March 9OS version - Windows XP Media Center EditionCPU - AMD X2 5500+GPU - ATI HD4850RA ...2009.03.09 20:19:00
- I wish the map and salvaging looked like that. :) ...2009.03.08 16:48:00
- I don't know how it works but could you concievably warp your fleet to the result like you can warp ...2009.03.08 16:37:00
- I think multiple launch points comes first and launcher models second, I think the effects overall a ...2009.03.07 22:41:00
- 20mbit bandwith with 25m3 dronebay on the Legion feels very off and honestly I dont feel you can jus ...2009.03.01 11:42:00
- lack of CPU aside I think the weirdest thing is having 20mbit bandwith on the amarr ships, even if t ...2009.03.01 11:05:00
- it looks great on paper but sadly Eve will crash so often it will make you cry wich seems quite comm ...2009.02.28 10:32:00

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