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- CCP ON VACATIONWhy yes. The entire company is currently vacationing in Hawaii with your hard earned ...2011.01.30 04:57:00
- Edited by: Dr Caymus on 05/12/2010 19:51:04 Aw, come on, there's nothing wrong with Hulkageddon. I ...2010.12.05 21:38:00
- I generally use a Tengu in my L4 missions. Aside from missions where the rats do primarily EM damage ...2010.12.02 22:46:00
- They can give some decent rewards. I did find a Daredevil BPC in one 3/10 before. At the time, the s ...2010.12.02 22:40:00
- Thank you everyone for the answers. I'm definitely going to start now.One last question: Does Radar ...2010.11.27 08:48:00
- Edited by: Deen Wispa on 23/11/2010 18:56:34 If you look up the blueprint, it will tell you what sk ...2010.11.27 08:32:00
- In before people start claiming ridiculous numbers such as 3-4b/month. I think 300-500m/month per ch ...2010.11.26 19:13:00
- Yeah, I had moments of wasting time of getting nothing done, or losing iskies out of whatever I was ...2010.11.26 19:10:00
- I can hardly wait to by skill points with cash. Say 1 Million for 20 Dollars or something like that. ...2010.11.20 21:05:00
- Depends on what you really want from either ship, really. Some want the ship that will pump out the ...2010.11.19 20:27:00
- Edited by: Leksi Bar''zuk on 12/11/2010 18:55:54 But bro, i'm in lowsec pirate and need t3 tear- er ...2010.11.12 19:24:00
- Great bunch of people. Lots of sleeper beat downs available with plenty of PvP to be had in between ...2010.05.03 15:01:00
- Noob here, with noob question:First off, is exploration in hi-sec worthwhile at all? Or should I pl ...2010.04.13 20:26:00
- What’s the highest class of wormhole system that can have a highsec exit?Class 5 can. They are not a ...2010.04.13 16:13:00
- Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System Caldari Navy Ballist ...2010.04.11 07:19:00

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