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- bump to keep it open ...2010.06.08 18:44:00
- Got your mail that is a strange issue, ill try and look into it...For removing, my logic was that p ...2010.03.27 16:17:00
- Market orders are still a little broken with iMonitor : - first issue : ALL orders are shown, even ...2010.03.26 20:54:00
- @Keffen Dane, dunno what to say, works fine for me, i even made another order in another station jus ...2010.03.16 19:22:00
- EvE iMonitor wont show my Market Orders :(Cheers for that, i have not noticed as i don't have any or ...2010.03.12 20:29:00
- It seams the alias request went through successfully, all is working as intended now (finally) ...2010.03.05 19:21:00
- Hi All,Am excited like a little girl... TLDR: the gadgets are coming back!To quickly explain what w ...2010.03.01 19:14:00
- Hey i witnessed a 60+ climb Kilimanjaro 2 weeks ago, so ~10+ is a piece of cake :) In Hungarian we ...2009.10.27 23:45:00
- hence no "lunch" shortcut...I'd love a "lunch" shortcut. Mmm Yeh yeh... you got my point, that's the ...2009.10.25 20:06:00
- ... Edit: Eleg posted while I was typing. Yeah, I was really ****ed when I realized there was no 'l ...2009.10.25 19:14:00
- We fear change, who stole my packet of Werther's Original and why doesn't EvE come on 1.44Mb floppy ...2009.10.22 21:32:00
- Not random digits at all... just that it forgot to put the decimal point. It is a known fact that w ...2009.09.28 19:50:00
- Edited by: Althea Nar''agh on 22/09/2009 21:42:46 Amiga 500 1,5MB ram (1MB Expansion installed) K ...2009.09.22 21:42:00
- remove 3 from 14 and add it to 5, what do you get? 9/11.What day is it in 2 weeks? 9/11.COINCIDENCE? ...2009.08.26 17:41:00
- Should ask that from your bank and not from CCP... ...2009.08.23 06:43:00

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