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- Optional.If it takes more than 0.1 second to load, then I do not want it unless when I choose it.Its ...2011.05.27 12:42:00
- SCs are uberweapons, and the check in logistics would really bring them under better control. Likewi ...2011.05.27 12:39:00
- Tiers should die. They do a lot of harm to t1 frigs and cruisers, but the best example are the Tier ...2011.05.27 12:29:00
- As it stands it is an unsolvable problem, because it is mathematically always better to stack number ...2011.02.25 21:27:00
- Regarding crews - there aren't. No consequence. They could be very useful things to the game, even s ...2011.02.18 10:44:00
- 100mn will work unless you want to orbit something. Then you can't as its agility goes to hell. ...2011.02.08 08:41:00
- All of those go the faction road.Is there a valid NH fit thats T2? Valid = missions, L4s. ...2011.02.07 20:28:00
- Since we're going that way, please put up a GOOD fit for a Nh. Active tanked and passive, mind. Only ...2011.02.07 20:03:00
- Lazy setup: Domis, aggro everything, release drones. 4 BS, 2 canes or harbies. Put tracking and spee ...2011.01.30 15:40:00
- That hurricane fit was you trying to transport some loot back to base, right? You just fit anything ...2011.01.30 15:06:00
- Sig should either decrease a bit - all of them closer to thrasher - or tank increase. Hell maybe eve ...2010.11.16 20:15:00
- The kessie thing was good, and I remember reading about it! But I think it goes under:As soon as you ...2010.10.19 23:13:00
- There should be something like this near to hand; everything here must have been said 30 times alrea ...2010.10.17 21:36:00
- Done. Never considered having to explain THAT also, but in hindsight - how stupid of me not to think ...2010.10.17 09:49:00
- That was kind of dry. Well, so is this. Due to a chat I've been having with a nice fellow who's smal ...2010.10.16 13:09:00

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