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- So basically you want to mission undisturbed ? no, no one eles can do this so why should mission ru ...2010.12.17 14:47:00
- Edited by: Sigaar on 17/12/2010 14:33:41 Does anyone have any experience of afk gank SB cloakers in ...2010.12.17 14:33:00
- As I understand it, the list of ships that CCP has given us so far stands at a shuttle that does no ...2010.12.17 14:27:00
- Some people just seem to be really stupid. You can have 1 ship for dps and 1 ship for salvaging. O ...2010.12.17 14:25:00
- I have NEVER. seen a Raven in a fleet. I did. Its nothing special but you can pvp in a raven. Eve ...2010.12.16 18:05:00
- A T3 frig won't be much better than a T2 frig, the same way the T3 cruisers aren't much better than ...2010.12.16 15:03:00
- Edited by: Sigaar on 16/12/2010 11:29:02 Is Crow that bad? ceptor+missiles ...2010.12.16 11:28:00
- Edited by: Sigaar on 16/12/2010 10:24:21 Ask yourself few questions: 1. Do you need the skill righ ...2010.12.16 10:19:00
- Edited by: Sigaar on 16/12/2010 10:09:39 If you want to train something to pve and pvp the matars a ...2010.12.16 10:08:00
- I d be fine if it was just a bit cheaper xD ...2010.12.15 17:23:00
- Open info on ship that you want to fly, check certificates and start getting them that would be a ...2010.12.15 12:40:00
- Can you point out how is command ship better then t3 at anything? Not to mention that command is lo ...2010.12.15 12:18:00
- I am comparing killing NPCs solo to killing NPCs in a group which is a completely relevant compariso ...2010.12.15 11:54:00
- Edited by: Sigaar on 15/12/2010 10:47:57 So i did some fast calculations:Average isk/hour in battle ...2010.12.15 10:48:00
- As far as I know, Tengu and Drakes are from the same exact class ship. You know it wrong.1. Open ma ...2010.12.15 10:39:00

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