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- Edited by: Wu Jiaqiu on 28/11/2010 21:32:21 Fully agree. The change in mechanics isn't any differen ...2010.11.29 04:11:00
- I couldn't agree anymore. Eve needs to make itself more "punchy"Perhaps we can still keep the accel ...2010.11.28 00:55:00
- Can't we all be friends? :) ...2010.09.06 15:03:00
- I set all of my extractors to 96 hours. That was 2 weeks ago. ...2010.06.18 07:40:00
- I got this mission too, I'm a newb so I hired some t3 guy to do it for me. I got the 100m reward =). ...2010.05.31 16:32:00
- T3 Pirate Faction Marauders will be end game lvl 4 farming... lol. ...2010.05.18 21:13:00
- Its the system where that foundry was killed by sanshas nation, and they're staging attacks out of t ...2010.05.18 00:07:00
- Having some live events in wh space wouldn't be so bad for us wormholers ...2010.05.13 22:48:00
- The other command centers are from other players utilizing the same planet ...2010.05.10 20:36:00
- I agree, when I first heard the last voice, I'm like, "I'VE HEARD THAT VOICE BEFORE" And then, fitt ...2010.05.08 03:42:00
- Edited by: LF9000 on 03/05/2010 05:05:32 Shame we lost such a helpful testing tool due to someone l ...2010.05.03 05:05:00
- They don't do much. You're perfectly safe.Yeah, they shouldn't go much to your tank unless you have ...2010.04.21 05:41:00
- A new ORE capital ship. OREnaught Capital Strips Can also mine the minerals right out of enemy sh ...2010.04.21 02:00:00
- Maybe if they introduce more materials and stuff they might allow us to make implants or something ( ...2010.04.21 01:04:00
- PLEASE update the scale between ships so that the differences in size are more appropriate to expec ...2010.04.19 01:50:00

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