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- Wow, that just sounds like in a lot of companies where buzzword bingo has been perfected.Let's see, ...2011.07.07 17:33:00
- You are charging people who work for free to make your game better you asshats Needs quoting for ...2011.06.15 18:47:00
- The offline installer was actually 218350, but I stopped it anyway when I read about the Sisilaunche ...2011.01.05 18:02:00
- Edited by: Jarne on 05/01/2011 16:26:25 Yes, got this too.Running the repair tool just got me the p ...2011.01.05 16:16:00
- Sadly pt. 4 would just shift bots who would otherwise do lvl4s to lvl3s and below. Currently there a ...2010.12.15 15:27:00
- CCP would have to forbid making bookmarks approx. 100km around gates to make it possible to reintrod ...2010.12.15 15:01:00
- Ouch I made my list as a note ingame, and now I can't log in to look it up^^. ...2010.12.15 14:49:00
- Ahhh nice to hear all that whining from those with maxed-out learnings.They were always told that yo ...2010.12.01 14:02:00
- Wait, Caldari (i.e. missiles) get 20% ROF bonus, which equals +25% dps, while the other factions get ...2010.10.13 11:08:00
- I understand that, but I don't see how it affects the Viator under cloak. The cloak will still be on ...2010.09.10 13:11:00
- This. Having a SS directly between two Celstial objects means you will appear on the overview for a ...2010.09.09 14:38:00
- 1.) Yes, most of the time T2 are better than faction. It depends though on how much you are willing ...2010.09.09 13:04:00
- Edited by: Jarne on 09/09/2010 10:19:31 Just make an instaundock at every station you ever visit. Y ...2010.09.09 10:16:00
- Edited by: Jarne on 08/09/2010 12:44:14 1.) Make an instaundock. Make it so that it points into the ...2010.09.08 12:43:00
- If you have started in 2008 and have 46b in your wallet it seems to me that you do not have the righ ...2010.09.06 11:25:00

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