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- I question the legality of these traders activities. It gives honest business folk a bad name. ...2011.01.05 19:45:00
- Syyl'ara, I will pray for you. ...2011.01.04 05:43:00
- Edited by: Pablos Locos on 04/01/2011 05:20:21 Anxiety has many emotional components. Speaking out ...2011.01.04 05:13:00
- Edited by: Pablos Locos on 04/01/2011 03:58:49"TL;DR walls of quotes" is a typical rhetorical device ...2011.01.04 03:56:00
- From what I understand, rockets are quite decent now. This is my first time flying Caldari and I'm n ...2011.01.04 00:51:00
- I resent the suggestion that I am somehow not among those who wish to see the project succeed.If y ...2011.01.04 00:32:00
- Interesting read. Accounts like this almost make me want to become a combat pilot. ...2011.01.03 22:41:00
- Impotent.. hypocrisy..Your comments aren't helping Mr. Yagari's cause. Your incessant nit picking an ...2011.01.03 22:35:00
- There is no set red list in the coalition as such, but it is up to individual members to maintain st ...2010.12.31 19:14:00
- I would be interested in joining such a coalition but I have some concerns.Who decides who is red? W ...2010.12.31 03:58:00
- Operating a crane eh? I know some people are very 'hands on', but why would a podder be operating co ...2010.12.19 17:08:00
- Under the vision of those like Vaari, I look forward to the day Holy Providence is once again be pro ...2010.12.19 16:59:00
- Pics or it didn't happen. ...2010.12.18 00:49:00
- In order to comply with the rules of the award's governing body, it would be an honour and a pleasur ...2010.12.03 03:59:00
- I am Pablos, merchant and trader. Now about your ideas on taxes in the region? Any comment? ...2010.11.12 02:19:00

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