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- Strangely enough, I support this topic. ...2009.11.21 01:57:00
- 1. Yes2. Yes3. Yes4. Before they're out of warp5. No6. Yes7. No ...2009.10.30 17:13:00
- 3. Definitely don't fly a Marauder they're hillariously easy to scan down, and you're just screa ...2009.10.24 13:42:00
- Anything that gets more A-Type Small Shield Boosters on barges in w-space can only be a good thing. ...2009.10.19 15:10:00
- Lao, we could just dec all the people in here making jokes, since they're clearly trying to protect ...2009.10.19 15:01:00
- Concerning point 4, would you care to explain how one goes about winning a sandbox game, or any MMO ...2009.10.16 00:57:00
- You're friend is right, you're basically taking on targets that pose minimal threat to you. You're a ...2009.10.15 14:12:00
- When someone inevitably war deccs Hammerfall for even posting this, please let us know so we can con ...2009.10.13 20:36:00
- Gallente HACs are terribad. Gallente Recons are even more terribad. Gallente BCs are terribad.Why ...2009.10.13 20:30:00
- If you can't use T2 shield mods yet, you shouldn't really be thinking about getting into a Claymore. ...2009.10.10 15:13:00
- Yes it is a terrible fit, buy a Hurricane use one command mod and save yourself a lot of isk. This w ...2009.10.10 11:01:00
- Damage Control II Shield Power Relay II Nanofiber Internal Structure II Nanofiber Internal Stru ...2009.10.10 10:42:00
- My main is a fighter (mostly battleships and tech 2 frigates) while my primary alt is logistics and ...2009.10.09 09:43:00
- No ECM in R v B?What a failure R v B is then... if by failure you mean not being able to bring a fe ...2009.10.02 21:30:00
- There are very few missions (at least in gallente space) where enemy ships attack at close range, AE ...2009.10.02 21:19:00

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