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- Ehh.... IMO the Abaddon is the ship that needs to be re-done, the Armageddon is the better ship as-i ...2008.04.17 04:12:00
- In my opinion the paladin has one additional bonus. I ll explain it with an example. (Numbers are ...2007.10.23 18:49:00
- the 5% cap bonus on the paladin seems quiet nice for missions. the not really needed web effectiven ...2007.10.23 18:47:00
- 1)Uh... what? First, you, not I, are the one who brought up cap, by saying your Abaddon could run th ...2007.10.20 08:09:00
- 1) A single repper plenty if you abuse Amarr resists. Learn it, love it as I have and continue to ...2007.10.19 06:37:00
- 1) I easily fit a repper, full set of pulse, injector(appropriate size for my ship type) AB or MWD ...2007.10.19 05:49:00
- Hmm... So you're telling me that, with these new extra-large shield extenders, I can get and set up ...2007.10.18 17:02:00
- btw.... HOW come does the Black Ops Armageddon have 7 turrets when all the rest have only 4?? And ...2007.10.06 17:32:00
- Edited by: Perfect Diamond on 03/10/2007 17:42:09 Edited by: Perfect Diamond on 03/10/2007 17:41:16 ...2007.10.03 17:49:00
- So spending 200mil on a webber is now mandontary... ?That's cheaper than the nano ships you can ki ...2007.10.03 17:40:00
- Edited by: Perfect Diamond on 03/10/2007 17:03:26To all those people who don't know what their talki ...2007.10.03 17:21:00
- Translation: "I got ganked by a nano ship"Translation: "I don't have a counter-argument, but I'll be ...2007.10.03 07:32:00
- 1) I got ganked cause I fly solo (nano ship's niche is solo, gangs kill it) Needing a gang to kill a ...2007.10.03 07:23:00
- The pilrgim is without a doubt a good ship. People just need to realize that its not a solo ship and ...2007.10.03 06:26:00
- Edited by: Nicola Sardonicus on 01/10/2007 05:09:13 Edited by: Liang Nuren on 01/10/2007 04:56:29 ...2007.10.01 05:38:00

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