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- Deep Space Nine:A Man Called Hawk You got caught in triple sarcasm. Never seen the second one, b ...2011.08.31 13:35:00
- Who's Helicity Boson and why should I care?Do you fly a hulk? Do you like shiny prizes for blowing ...2011.08.30 23:31:00
- Judge not what CCP sayeth for words are as flatulence in the wind but rather judge what CCP implemen ...2011.08.30 23:19:00
- Darn it.I just rejoined and was having fun.Now I have to quit again. ...2011.08.30 23:15:00
- So what, they give us one crappy room an realize how useless it is an scrap the rest of it? oooo may ...2011.08.30 02:47:00
- I dreamt that CCP publicly pondered introducing MacroTransactions and pay-to-win. ...2011.08.28 20:27:00
- Edited by: baltec1 on 28/08/2011 20:16:21 A Gallente???Using a railgun no less.Humiliation. ...2011.08.28 20:21:00
- Yarr Vee Bee doesn't use Falcons although some of us are bads like me. They do not use Falcons betwe ...2011.08.28 20:19:00
- 1/10. You got a few bites.Indeed he/she/it did. ...2011.08.28 20:14:00
- Killmails aren't really what's primarily wrong with PVP in my experience.You may be right but I thin ...2011.08.28 20:11:00
- If your idea is so universally wanted, might I ask why you're posting with your alt?C. Fear of reta ...2011.08.28 18:17:00
- 5th T3 subsystem or this? CQ door leading somewhere or this? AF bonus or this? Hybrid rebalance o ...2011.08.28 17:43:00
- I disagree.Please be more creative and less entitlement minded.You just got the ability to have a 2n ...2011.08.28 17:33:00
- CCP:....the players of EVE Online....Not all of us. Speak for yourself. ...2011.08.28 17:12:00
- Tengu is quite gankable. If he is fit for shield boosting he have a quite small buffer. You can alph ...2011.08.28 17:07:00

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