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- Edited by: Mon Maures on 28/06/2011 22:59:40 1400 always had a dual barrel look Really?....they did ...2011.06.28 22:59:00
- You do realize we're fitting these over-sized guns to our hulls with duct tape, right? How fancy we ...2011.06.28 16:33:00
- A couple of gripes about artillery fx and looks after the new patch.First, why has the new 1400 arty ...2011.06.28 16:10:00
- Edited by: Nuniki on 12/06/2011 09:06:26 I wonder how the people who complain about "voices that so ...2011.06.13 12:57:00
- I have a conspiracy theory:I think CCP in some crazy half baked scheme actually thought it might be ...2011.05.24 12:06:00
- Hey Malcom,Myself and my friend (both 75m+ sp players) are looking to expand our horizons and experi ...2011.05.20 11:18:00
- It would be nice to get trails back in the game.But I would prefer to have my gun animations back. T ...2010.01.20 14:20:00
- -Use an alt to alert CONCORD early to an area you intend to mine in. How do you alert concord to ...2010.01.17 21:33:00
- Well I run lvl4's in a tempest - solo - and it does very nicely.I do run a T2 setup and i'm sure the ...2008.04.20 00:47:00
- thx for the infomy sec status is 2.5 at the moment, is this too high for those rats? ...2008.04.01 00:36:00
- I've run a few4 missions in the last week and although i'm getting the bounties and loot/slavage i'm ...2008.03.31 20:16:00
- There are 2 schools of thought on this issue.1. There is no crew just the pod, there is no in-game e ...2008.03.09 02:38:00
- Edited by: Mon Maures on 25/07/2007 18:44:02 Well I use the following but it is mostly t2 and very ...2007.07.25 18:44:00
- Im not sure how or why this is happening but i have a Rupture fitted with 650II's that is outgunning ...2006.10.23 22:14:00
- Although I will never own one and am not in a corp that has or ever will have one I am curious about ...2006.10.14 14:45:00

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