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- IMO the biggest issue with missiles is that when you have trained them you can't use the support ski ...2011.09.05 19:48:00
- First thing I would try is to go to the event viewer. Under control panel > system and security, cli ...2011.09.03 11:04:00
- Could it also be that CCP is going through some rough times, financially, and they need the money no ...2011.09.03 08:10:00
- I'd give them 1/5 for the potential, but one room after all that hype WTF were they thinking? As a b ...2011.09.03 08:00:00
- If you're looking for as little work at the keyboard as possible, try level 4 missions in a Domi or ...2011.08.31 18:38:00
- Caldari drones are worth a look, it's the Amarr ones that are rubbish. propulsion jamming V (14 days ...2011.08.31 17:51:00
- Considering in your first year you need lots of skills with different attributes, and you are unlike ...2011.08.31 17:26:00
- Given the ratio of MMO's that have succeeded to MMO's that have at best flopped, at worst crashed an ...2011.08.29 21:33:00
- I saw BBS and thought of those stupidly expensive wheels everyone fitted to their VW's and BMW's bac ...2011.08.29 20:18:00
- Maybe it is just me, but I really dislike the marrige institution. Why do I need to get the approval ...2011.08.29 11:25:00
- That map isn't really terrible, it just balanced rather than focused and not bad for a young char wh ...2011.08.29 11:17:00
- So i hasd a good look at my skills and what was needed and gave Amarr a second chance Amarr ships ...2011.08.29 09:16:00
- Under Electronics I'd grab Targeting 5, and probably multitasking to 3 in case you fancy trying Mara ...2011.08.29 08:51:00
- We survive on a diet of console ports. When was the last good PC exculsive? I love my mouse and keyb ...2011.08.24 19:15:00
- Because Welsh girls have a 'reputation' ...2011.08.20 15:37:00

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