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- Well, where's the incentive in finishing on time when any delay you can talk your subscribers into a ...2011.08.26 11:01:00
- <3 Jugdments, shiny NPC Paladins. ...2011.08.19 15:31:00
- Fancy that, the rig and a module even get listed as "fitted". GF, GF. ...2011.08.09 13:08:00
- They all look the same: Black on black.It's a good thing types get sorted "lasers -> blasters -> mis ...2011.08.08 09:24:00
- The damage: 3 monitors were cracked during shipping (UPS) and had to be RMA'ed with Newegg - they j ...2011.08.08 09:11:00
- +1 internet pixel spaceship rep to you, good sir. That was awesome. ...2011.08.07 21:57:00
- I kind of always assumed that the "425 mm" refers to barrel length, not calibre.That would explain n ...2011.08.05 14:47:00
- Hi. Mathematical layman and theoretical programmer here.Assuming not all waypoints have multiple rou ...2011.08.04 15:25:00
- I'd like to point you folks at this sadly misplaced thread over in Events & Gatherings - WTF!? isn't ...2011.07.29 07:18:00
- Boomerang trolling: When you enjoy trolling your own subscribers so much they let their monthly subs ...2011.07.28 18:14:00
- CCP has this long history of reinventing the GUI.They're also trying to push the space bar for switc ...2011.07.22 09:01:00
- I dunno whether it works in the "Let's explain it in 30 seconds" format, but INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE an ...2011.07.20 08:24:00
- +1 for Live Events.They don't have to be grand or anything, just add a little color.One of the simpl ...2011.07.19 13:06:00
- Edited by: Smagd on 18/07/2011 11:43:02 Our POS tower killed a sieging Fleet Tempest because the Da ...2011.07.18 11:42:00
- It is CCP‘s plan that the Noble Exchange (NeX store) will be used for the sale of vanity items only. ...2011.07.18 11:39:00

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