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- what should I not be doing? You should stop being a bad and fly some non ecm ship. QFT ...2011.04.05 16:28:00
- As for rode's comment, it is not his fault he is so chivalrous, it is Azn's fault.I lol'ed I guess ...2011.03.24 17:00:00
- Also my writing skills are **** You should start submitting your blog posts to me for spellchecks ...2011.03.24 11:41:00
- Not the most interesting video I've ever seen, but I knew it'd be like that when I clicked on the th ...2011.03.24 00:55:00
- -Stop being gay -Stop using illegal drugs -Stop putting lyrics in electronic (for lack of better w ...2011.03.24 00:24:00
- Edited by: rodensteiner on 24/03/2011 00:18:43 Hallo MieziWatched this one, and I've got a few ques ...2011.03.24 00:16:00
- Das konzept koennte interresant sein, aber war nicht gerade viel aktion im video drin.Die musik war ...2011.03.23 23:57:00
- +1 would buy again ...2011.03.23 23:52:00
- I have to say I disagree with the idea of not warping out.To me holding or escaping a point is a v ...2011.03.23 17:11:00
- Not to get too far off topic, but concerning the Cynabal...The only real advantage I see that it has ...2011.03.23 17:02:00
- Edit: holy **** that's a lot of drakesOne of the more entertaining edits that I've seen in a while ...2011.03.23 16:47:00
- Edited by: rodensteiner on 23/03/2011 16:42:52 Edited by: rodensteiner on 23/03/2011 16:42:03 My p ...2011.03.23 16:42:00
- to answer #1, Im going to say that it isnt restricted to kinetic damage like the caracal is, and it ...2011.03.22 12:12:00
- I AM MOUNT KILIMANJARO! ...2011.03.20 02:19:00
- Hey SpacemieziI can see why people say these may be boring as most vids produced are generally PVP-r ...2011.03.20 01:12:00

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