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- Hmm, I only have my primary account. This should have all administrative privileges. Never encounter ...2011.05.13 00:07:00
- Thanks for the quick response,I tried the repair tool in the installation folder, at first it would ...2011.05.12 20:12:00
- Edited by: Drakarin on 12/05/2011 18:08:02 Hi guys,I just came back after several months (at least ...2011.05.12 18:07:00
- It is silly. Adding more HP but taking more damage. In the end, it's still worth it, but considering ...2011.01.27 18:41:00
- So, incursion frigates cheat, and are even stronger than a Player fit frigate with high SP.Right... ...2011.01.26 06:07:00
- I never really was interested in Incursions to begin with, it's group content yet again. Wormholes w ...2011.01.26 06:00:00
- Edited by: Drakarin on 26/01/2011 05:36:40 double post sorry. ...2011.01.26 05:36:00
- Edited by: Drakarin on 26/01/2011 05:36:50 i love it, for years people while that the pve part of E ...2011.01.26 05:33:00
- Simply put, I'd bet just about anyone could be a good trader if they really wanted to be. The proble ...2011.01.25 16:44:00
- Old school pvp was fishing. The bait was pve oriented ships. Now, people still fish, but the bait is ...2011.01.25 11:39:00
- Edited by: Drakarin on 25/01/2011 05:22:04 Edited by: Funesta on 23/01/2011 18:58:33 The thing is ...2011.01.25 05:20:00
- Personally I don't understand how anyone can be immersed in the game when they use two or more accou ...2011.01.25 05:09:00
- Level 4 missions are just about risk free. I don't care what they do to them to be honest. I'm talki ...2011.01.23 15:34:00
- I fly a Tengu. I have to take out dps to passively fit it appropriately. So my isk per hour has decr ...2011.01.23 12:04:00
- Do you guys make it a habit of adapting to stupid unnecessary changes without even putting up a figh ...2011.01.23 11:51:00

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