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- I "fixed" this by changing all graphic settings to low. ...2010.07.27 17:35:00
- Did a fresh install with Ubuntu 10.04, installed wine, copied eve from old HD, deleted cache directo ...2010.07.05 14:31:00
- It appears you need Remote Sensing 1 to scan a planet when you are next to it, 2 anywhere on system, ...2010.04.15 14:59:00
- 14:20:20 Notify You require the Remote Sensing skill at level 3 to scan from your current location. ...2010.04.15 14:27:00
- they don't have enough PG/CPU to fit medium sized tank mods? ...2010.03.30 14:51:00
- It seems devs intended for occupied w-space systems to have less chance for spawns. We live in a c4 ...2009.07.30 15:51:00
- patched to new and it works now. u can ...2009.05.14 15:53:00
- I really love the new changes. I mean, look at all these Interdictor balance changes. Now my Sabre i ...2009.04.17 14:41:00
- I highly recommend this service, good prices and very quick transfer. ...2009.04.12 20:20:00
- please evemail me if you are selling any other corp with Caldari standings. ...2009.04.12 19:29:00
- How difficult is to level sound effects up to station's and issue a patch? ...2009.03.17 13:30:00
- *sigh* another stealth bomber thread I trained my alt for it and never found a good use for it.Flyin ...2009.03.07 01:07:00
- ... no change to stealth bombers?! This is unacceptable!Unless this is remedied soon, it leaves me n ...2009.02.09 21:40:00
- Edited by: AleRiperKilt on 09/02/2009 21:34:46 I agree with CCP's decision to drop the cedega-based ...2009.02.09 21:27:00
- Edited by: AleRiperKilt on 09/02/2009 17:20:29 "The overview can now be temporarily frozen by press ...2009.02.09 17:19:00

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