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- Thanks for the answers, I guess I shall stick to the usual route of training for cruiser, then battl ...2010.01.19 13:01:00
- There are two instances in which I reprocess my loot. The first is when there are no buyers for what ...2010.01.15 02:03:00
- Hulkageddon happened because people take pleasure in causing frustration to other people, then watch ...2010.01.13 16:40:00
- I notice that, when anybody reports on a scam in this forum, the crime and punishment forum, wherein ...2010.01.13 16:28:00
- As the countless whining,moaning and being a general r***rd threads grow about said subjects,all i h ...2010.01.13 10:07:00
- Edited by: Dreivus on 13/01/2010 10:08:37 No. And stop making new threads, post in an existing one. ...2010.01.13 10:02:00
- Improve Concord's response time, CCP. Or introduce a no insurance money if you get killed by Conco ...2010.01.12 14:55:00
- Well, I'm nowhere near being ready for PvP yet as I could never afford to replace my Arbi and the ba ...2010.01.12 10:59:00
- Yarrrrrbitrator! ...2010.01.11 22:50:00
- You´re facing the universal e-war failure in EvE pve.Defensive ewar, that makes the enemy ship perfo ...2010.01.11 22:45:00
- I've opted for an Arbitrator as my cruiser, and I'm wondering what the point of the 5% bonus to trac ...2010.01.11 22:24:00
- How about going to 0.0 and roaming around in fleets and honourably engaging targets in which victory ...2010.01.11 15:29:00
- Hopefully one day CCP will introduce a no insurance payout if your ship is destroyed by concord poli ...2010.01.11 15:18:00
- Edited by: Dreivus on 10/01/2010 18:31:57 Even if the very point of EVE online is to do whatever it ...2010.01.10 18:31:00
- No I haven't killed my hulk today, for I find it entirely pointless. There are a great many ways to ...2010.01.10 18:05:00

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