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- Super carriers with their fighter bombers are like the titan DD from the old which went through a cy ...2010.12.18 02:23:00
- Making corp oriented rewards would be a productive change for the game.Many new players hang around ...2010.12.16 22:10:00
- Machariel should have been made Min/Cal.And Amarr/Gallente, we would need a new faction and storylin ...2010.12.16 00:16:00
- Anyone else holding onto the Jovian body part, from the T1 cloak BPO event? ...2010.12.10 15:19:00
- The majority doesnt like blob warfare yet CCP keeps adding more content for it.I still dont understa ...2010.12.08 16:35:00
- EVE Online's ambient music reminds me of Mankind's music, look it up if u like.. ...2010.12.07 01:04:00
- You use EVEMON to manage your windows, and blame CCP?Lol thread is simply lol... ...2010.12.02 03:24:00
- My brother has already sued PayPal because they breached the secure information privacy.I was very s ...2010.12.02 03:16:00
- Edited by: Xercodo on 01/12/2010 08:20:23 only issue is that my windows taskbar has to auto h ...2010.12.01 12:33:00
- Our logs don't show anything.We are sorry for your loss.Sincerely yours, CCP Automated Mailbot ...2010.11.29 23:21:00
- ...No overview wasnt there since the begining, but it came pretty quick into the game and stayed wit ...2010.11.29 02:15:00
- I think we should just try out gallente blaster boats with a few of the proposed changes on SiSi and ...2010.11.29 01:46:00
- Keep on lying, if you were here 7 years ago you would remember how terrible was eve pvp w/o overview ...2010.11.29 00:10:00
- Over the course of 7 years playing EVE (this is not my main account), I have participated in both sm ...2010.11.28 14:05:00
- Neurons. ...2010.11.28 13:32:00

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