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- I just wanted to say HI and I approve of me going to Branch/Tenal to get my stash of Helios' and 10k ...2011.06.13 20:07:00
- that is one mighty fine mustache sir- Gob And ain't you just lookin all Admiralish like!-Dfz ...2011.02.14 00:08:00
- We looked for a place to suicide our fleet, we are glad -A- are always up for this job :psyduck: ...2011.02.03 01:23:00
- Roll wit dem punchez, fuzzy. o7o7o7o7o7m8m8m8m8m8:shobon:k ty!Ackshully, we kinda lost like three li ...2011.02.03 01:04:00
- Seriously, though - you've lost two of your three Empire-link systems in like a week. That's terrib ...2011.02.03 00:53:00
- dafuzz, feeling kinda lonely in corp chat nowdays, aint you ?cheers.Not really, I love talking to my ...2011.02.03 00:33:00
- Dafuzz why so mad ? oh yea... nvmBECAUSE MEAN PEOPLE ARE MAKING VIOLENCE TO MY BOATS. Can I have a g ...2011.02.03 00:11:00
- No srsly why are you so mad ?? Here's a cookieYou ain't been around here too long, obviously. I ca ...2011.02.03 00:05:00
- What are Razor doing in delve and why are they fighting aaa ? are they IT'snew pet ?:))They came for ...2011.02.03 00:00:00
- The tl;dr version of Mittens thread:What he REALLY meant to say!-Dfz ...2011.02.02 23:56:00
- Who you lecturing people about fighting for stuff.:cripes:Oh my!I think we took a wrong turn at Albu ...2011.02.02 23:46:00
- Oh, and by the way, I'm a pedantic sort.Click and learn!RawR-Dfz ...2011.02.02 23:43:00
- Ok first: Dasty your pic does you NO justice what SO ever. I mean a man with half naked pics of hi ...2011.02.02 23:41:00
- LadyScarlet is my leader! ...2011.02.02 23:01:00
- Now that's just rude. We're saying GF! Surely you can get behind the spirit of the GF!Never stop pos ...2011.01.31 17:27:00

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