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- Rifters still roaming ...2011.05.06 20:17:00
- We fly everything from Frigs to Cap's mostly small gang stuff we're based in npc 0.0. We have blues ...2011.05.03 14:08:00
- Still in 00 blowing stuff up. ...2011.05.03 13:53:00
- Still recruiting new and old players ...2011.05.02 19:04:00
- If you new to pvp and want to try out 00 give us a shout. If you a vet and want small gang pvp do th ...2011.05.01 12:55:00
- Hi I think we maybe what your looking for We've got a stong eu tz with players from around the world ...2011.04.30 13:44:00
- We're not really a smallish corp but I think we're what your looking for. We run small gang pvp from ...2011.04.29 19:43:00
- bump for some very friendly blues. ...2011.04.29 18:46:00
- Hi jodie You proberly remember us from shooting us in the face and vica versa. We're set up in curse ...2011.04.29 18:09:00
- If you interested in a merger and after small gang pvp come speak to us We have players from all tim ...2011.04.29 18:03:00
- If your after small gang pvp come talk to us. ...2011.04.29 17:59:00
- Come speak to us In the "Cadre Chat Channel" in game You look like the type of player We're after. C ...2011.04.29 17:55:00
- Looking for Rifter or Cap pilots. Come join the fun. ...2011.04.29 17:52:00
- Edited by: Stoogie on 28/04/2011 19:13:34 Cadre Assault Force is an ambitious and growing PVP corp ...2011.04.28 18:39:00
- Thanks very much for Running the Event and for the prizes to Cadre. Looking forward to the next time ...2011.03.06 19:58:00

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