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- Make lowsec doomsday only able to activate on capitals within docking range of a station. Problem so ...2010.04.08 22:00:00
- I really like this idea. Supported. ...2010.04.08 21:48:00
- I would be cool with the idea of lowsec DD if it could ONLY activate against station hugging capital ...2010.04.08 21:21:00
- I'm still confused as to why it has a satellite dish the size of the statue of liberty, and how it s ...2010.04.04 13:33:00
- You did it first fyi, and I'm tired of this useless whining about the Hel's bonus. But mooommmm!Th ...2010.04.02 19:46:00
- Your intellect is weak. Pow! Now the argument devolves to ad homenim arguments! How unexpected! Sh ...2010.04.02 19:32:00
- stuff Your troel-fu is weak. Dear CCP, fix Hel, tia. ...2010.04.02 17:18:00
- Who are you again? CCP have defined supercarriers as anti-capital ships. Abathur has stated that t ...2010.04.02 03:30:00
- Was supposedly going to come during Dominion 1.1, it didn't. Has there been any discussion about wha ...2010.04.01 19:15:00
- I too would like to know if we are moving forward with attempts to get the Hel a proper bonus.Is som ...2010.03.31 22:59:00
- There is fast and then there is "twice as fast as some interceptors"The huge ehp, great dps, utility ...2010.03.31 06:22:00
- supporting this ...2010.03.31 06:16:00
- Define exploit... missions have always worked were someone else can probe it out and finish it for y ...2010.03.29 20:36:00
- &threadIDPersonally, I would very much like to see permanent test server bans, be extended to Tranqu ...2010.03.29 20:09:00
- Because the same idiots that butchered the FedNavy paintjob and more recently the standard Dominix a ...2010.03.28 16:00:00

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