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- Awwww yeah.Great stuff as always, keep it up! (Also a tad moar ranis loving! ;D) ...2009.04.30 12:54:00
- Works pretty well here - tho you still upload like 99% of the data for each vid I've tried... so I'm ...2009.04.09 01:11:00
- Google first, its a skype problem. Stolen from some nV forum :Thank you for contacting Skype Support ...2009.02.25 10:32:00
- No issue like this, running as admin on 2k8 standard x64. It does try to find the vista game browse ...2009.02.24 10:57:00
- Considering they just took effort to remove a way of manually resyncing... I dont think they will th ...2009.02.15 01:10:00
- Pretty much all of the 4xxx series are performing really well issue-less with eve atm, so its really ...2009.01.31 18:30:00
- Wow... considering how buggy this all sounds it is amazing to me that CCP is busy adding even more ...2009.01.30 12:36:00
- Can you remember the name of the complex/site? (even just the site it escalated from)Serpentis Milit ...2009.01.29 12:34:00
- Can you remember the name of the complex/site? (even just the site it escalated from) ...2009.01.29 01:53:00
- What usually happens is that it says "<Character that got final blow> got an update" etc, and then i ...2009.01.29 00:14:00
- POS Bracket SimplificationIdea : At the moment the POS brackets have a lot of badly presented data ( ...2009.01.27 00:53:00
- Aye, spoke about the same/similar concept over at Here ...2009.01.27 00:41:00
- Note how I mentioned staff only.User creation would run into many complex issues.As for the Halo3 id ...2009.01.23 23:39:00
- Grid Recording :Concept : Recording everything that's happening on a specific grid, for replay later ...2009.01.23 21:29:00
- What you described was the thing when you go to your Combatlogs and then click on either Kills or Lo ...2009.01.12 00:16:00

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