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- Edited by: Housta Jernmarra on 05/11/2010 00:21:20 Our banner flies freely in the wind, a standard ...2010.11.05 00:15:00
- meh k thx ...2010.01.06 13:00:00
- So.. I have client version 121200 which is listed as latest, but still have "incompatible (release)" ...2010.01.06 11:24:00
- Full Patch worksFull Patch error for me = "Versions do not match, Found Version 108268 when expectin ...2009.10.22 12:25:00
- jst installed the new patch and its kicking up this error Your EVE client installation may have modi ...2009.10.22 11:35:00
- How does one pvp irl? I wouldn't mind getting away with ganking randoms on the street :)maybe not on ...2009.07.10 16:12:00
- You can have the entire contents of my wallet if you pod kill Jeremy Kyle(P.S. Preferably live in TV ...2008.12.19 11:31:00

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