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- ...2008.04.08 02:50:00
- Tried it on WinXP using Safari 3.0, same behavior. Filed bug report. ...2008.04.03 21:37:00
- Only thing I recall like this would be Mining Buddy. Not sure if that's what you're looking for. ...2008.04.01 17:12:00
- Took my about two weeks to convert my trial. Booting into Bootcamp is too disruptive to the other s ...2008.02.27 03:57:00
- Thanks!In the interim, I just made a symlink for the Eve folder pointing back to where I could acces ...2008.01.10 18:45:00
- I don't think this qualifies as a bug so not sure where to report it. After digging thru the config ...2008.01.10 05:02:00

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