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- ... Even if you don't use tech 2 ammo, you still get the +5% damage bonus and will be able to equip ...2011.09.05 15:45:00
- A: A cruise raven doesn't benefit at all from HAC V... You're being extremely vague, there's hundred ...2011.09.05 02:36:00
- Almost everything in that blog was just brainstorming. Some good ideas, some bad ideas and about 90% ...2011.08.15 16:35:00
- Jita went poof finally, scammers and spammers trying to the last! ...2011.08.10 00:53:00
- Don't worry everyone Jita is alive.... course nothing else is... ...2011.08.10 00:45:00
- Tippia,Can both people be in different systems and still gain the bonuses?No.I asked the wrong quest ...2011.08.05 20:43:00
- Not impossible, but you would need a very dedicated team of scanners in each system in the area you ...2011.08.03 17:37:00
- You know you're not looking for an actual mail right? They haven't been in that form for years. Shou ...2011.08.03 14:08:00
- ... Mawd - never heard of it, are you sure he didn't say, MWD? which means Micro Warp Drive ...Ma ...2011.07.28 21:04:00
- 2. Bug, it will probably never be fixed. Some tool tied the orbit vector to ship speed, orbit range, ...2011.07.27 13:59:00
- ...What I've been doing so far is doing a system-wide scan with the probes, and picking one of the i ...2011.07.25 21:00:00
- Concord standing is your security status, easiest way to increase that from -10 is to go ratting. Ra ...2011.07.25 16:40:00
- Mia Restolo,8,11,28,22,97,82,171,168 ...2011.07.24 23:04:00
- There's lots of agents listed on eve agents that live in Jove space, some might even be made up. ...2011.07.19 19:42:00
- Will it effect sec status. Because I could really do with grinding that down a little. I'm at -2.84 ...2011.07.14 15:05:00

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