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- Edited by: Gord Ackfordham on 09/11/2007 21:24:45 EVEMon should be platform independent soon (accor ...2007.11.09 21:11:00
- weirdest thing happened to my evetimer... the tray icon started working. but now instead of the whi ...2007.10.17 03:30:00
- Suddenly eve can start to "race" (I have no better term for it), the ingame clock and the graphics s ...2007.10.13 05:52:00
- However.. these characters keeps logging in every week. One of these "friends" logged in today, over ...2007.09.10 01:08:00
- UI. I filed a bug report about the lack of corps being able to set standings towards individual cha ...2007.09.10 01:05:00
- I don't know about other ceos, but I expel and petition isk buyers from my corp, if we all did it th ...2007.09.09 23:45:00
- CCP wont comment on this at all.Probably won't, but doesn't mean they won't at least read it. ...2007.09.07 18:25:00
- Edited by: Gord Ackfordham on 07/09/2007 18:22:55 from the /. article: Their conclusions: The bigg ...2007.09.07 18:15:00
- Edited by: Gord Ackfordham on 05/09/2007 17:14:53 i believe they would pay the same fees... unless ...2007.09.05 17:15:00
- GM's and high ranking dev's have access to very different logs, with very different levels of detail ...2007.09.05 15:38:00
- avoiding concordokkens, no matter how its done is a petitionable offense. ...2007.09.05 15:37:00
- can i have your... oh wait. i'm sure ship production would be profitable... people lose ships all th ...2007.09.05 14:30:00
- spam fest!... gm do something? pretty please?fixed, and signed. ...2007.09.04 16:53:00
- you'd have to check the various patch notes... i think some things got turned down, some got turned ...2007.09.01 10:15:00
- No sooner said than done! I found R0ME02007.09.01 09:53 The scumsucker is located in the Kamio sys ...2007.09.01 10:06:00

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