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- Druj Andarr,41,42,43,44,10,102,14 ...2011.07.24 21:04:00
- Edited by: Druj Andarr on 22/06/2011 00:00:57 6 hour download since CCP can't be bothered catering ...2011.06.21 23:59:00
- Minor, MINOR difficulty with new patch:There was an unexpected error while retrieving update status: ...2011.06.21 23:42:00
- Much too addictive, but at least the isk comes almost as fast as it goes. ...2011.01.06 23:23:00
- Gee, you guys are spending way too much money on headsets...What I'm using, which works perfectly we ...2010.10.06 08:37:00
- Great! Now if only I could get the regular client to download, I'd be on the test server right away! ...2010.09.16 03:16:00

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