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- where's the kaik? ...2009.05.06 12:40:00
- Well even if you don't have GPS they can get an 'idea' of where you are, since the cell phones have ...2009.04.29 15:27:00
- I didn't find it that fascinating. The way they 'paint it' makes it look as if getting such thing go ...2009.04.29 12:55:00
- lolruski ...2009.04.24 01:24:00
- this is my favourite sword: Linkageim a big fan of samurai swords too, but yea, that one is just <3. ...2009.04.23 16:07:00
- Kaspersky is my personal favourite but I ended up switching to NOD32 as I got fedup of having to kee ...2009.04.23 14:24:00
- Most of the Gallente ships are named after Gods. I remember Phobos and Deimos are gods of fear and d ...2009.04.22 16:43:00
- lmao, that's awesome! ...2009.04.22 13:28:00
- I have a friend called FALCON. I blame him for everything.(no, i'm not kidding) ...2009.04.22 12:43:00
- Edited by: JadeO on 20/04/2009 10:38:53 I have this link you might find interesting: ...2009.04.20 10:39:00
- Saw that on the news yesterday, incredible voice. Reminds of that other guy from the last (?) britai ...2009.04.18 12:29:00
- Bumping ...2009.04.17 15:43:00
- Oh SAS... Data Mining, eh? Like I said, SQL becomes easier if you 'accessorize' it with something t ...2009.04.17 14:22:00
- Learn PHP, that's how I got into SQL to be honest. SQL by itself is going to make you bored as crap, ...2009.04.16 19:50:00
- Edited by: JadeO on 16/04/2009 13:30:41 I always liked rolling my own joint better than using a pip ...2009.04.16 13:30:00

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