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- Lots of ppl have had problems with concord attacking when they accidently shot the drone of a friend ...2003.07.09 11:57:00
- So, why before the patch did ppl on trade runs try and jump the blockaded gates - they could have sa ...2003.07.08 15:59:00
- wow what a constructive reply that was.Why is it always black and white with people.Many non pirate ...2003.07.07 21:54:00
- See i told ya all they were listening but you didn't believe me did you no, called me a liar you did ...2003.07.07 15:46:00
- I make a habit of only trying to post positive comments to threads and have so far been mostly succe ...2003.07.07 10:40:00
- I would also liek to reiterate the thanks for pointing this should be made a sticky mods???? ...2003.07.07 09:25:00
- Thats a shame but i definately would, and to my Freinds too :) ...2003.07.04 15:51:00
- Wohoo another positive post. This is what ive been trying to get going - people posting positive thi ...2003.07.04 15:45:00
- In that case sorry :). I meant those trying to steal my cargo - although flying near and circling it ...2003.07.03 14:24:00
- Melik,How can you take this post in a negative light, im mean WOW. And i mine in a lowish sec area a ...2003.07.03 13:51:00
- Ok, here it goes...When i play eve i have fun. Yes, there i said it FUN. I like mining with my corp, ...2003.07.03 10:49:00
- Couldn't agree more. There are some issues - but when arn't they :)I love playing this game- went o ...2003.06.23 12:42:00
- Fair fights with who ever it may be is a good thing.Exploits in a game to stop these fights oocuring ...2003.06.23 12:37:00
- Yarr:I agree that there is too much argument on this. But the problem is alot of people come here be ...2003.06.17 14:25:00
- I am not going to get in to any personal attacks so i don't expect any back. What i am about to say ...2003.06.17 11:51:00

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