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- If you're planning on Gurista/Serp level 5's and you have HIC 5, start with an Onyx. With T1 Purgers ...2011.09.04 23:57:00
- Interesting, you're about 5mill sp ahead of me and doing all the same stuff :D I've yet to do Calda ...2011.09.04 16:36:00
- If you want to be more AFK as you say, then a squad booster would be more suitable. My alt's traine ...2011.07.26 20:25:00
- Edited by: Bibosikus on 26/07/2011 20:00:29 Edited by: Bibosikus on 26/07/2011 19:58:12 If we find ...2011.07.26 19:57:00
- Bibosikus,27,29,51,85,110,123,139 ...2011.07.26 12:39:00
- Well if you're trying to use the Ishtar with guns to do anything other than get rat aggro, you're do ...2011.07.13 23:15:00
- The memory you have of your mate's passive tanking Ishtar is certainly not BS. I used to use one in ...2011.07.13 20:04:00
- Screw expansions. Let's please have one big, chunky patch full of fixes, refinements, balances and ...2011.07.06 17:36:00
- Interested in the C2. Contact me in-game later today, or send me a mail with the sig ID please. ...2011.07.06 11:25:00
- Mail me the sig please ...2011.07.06 11:02:00
- "CCP doesn't improve it. It milks it."Damn.. that's really catchy :sGood points ...2011.06.30 17:22:00
- I work part-time, have a 3-month old daughter and not a lot of spare cash.I don't buy $1,000 jeans. ...2011.06.26 09:58:00
- No ...2011.06.25 14:24:00
- Reading the latest fiasco (links below) it's clear that CCP don't give a rat's ***** about the forum ...2011.06.25 05:35:00
- I seriosly doubt the CSM will listen, coddled as they are but.../signed. And I still think we shoul ...2011.06.25 05:24:00

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