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- Edited by: Swidgen on 29/01/2011 23:15:48 It's the weekend and the first time a lot of people have ...2011.01.29 23:07:00
- Drone, drones, drones!Since the patch(es) drone interaction in general has gone awry: The window be ...2011.01.29 23:01:00
- It is based on sleepers. Sleepers shoot 50% em, 50% therm lasers and 50% kin and 50% exp missiles. I ...2011.01.27 21:47:00
- You could ask that question if there actually was a UI team at CCP, but there is not. The UI team a ...2011.01.27 21:30:00
- You are not allowed to post a question here unless it has to do with PI. ...2011.01.21 22:59:00
- Well can we have something done about all the pathetic 'is my avatar pretty' threads then because th ...2011.01.21 22:41:00
- System effects don't effect sleepers... You sure about that? In Wolf-Rayet systems it sure seems li ...2011.01.19 21:51:00
- I put the goth makeup on my alt, looked awesome Unlike your main. ...2011.01.19 09:36:00
- Edited by: Swidgen on 18/01/2011 03:05:05 never mind ...2011.01.18 02:06:00
- The old character creator just has more stuff. Impressive. I knew people would eventually start say ...2011.01.17 23:17:00
- The final straw was one of our major contributors had access to VS2010 + CodeRush but only VS2008 Ex ...2011.01.17 23:07:00
- That being said, when you show me that my idea is ******ed for valid reasons other than your inabili ...2011.01.17 01:19:00
- An ME1 supercarrier BPC requires 1 billion (1,000,000,000) units of tritanium, 100m units of mex and ...2011.01.17 00:55:00
- Are you finally going to add new keyboard shortcuts as explained in this dev blog or has this been c ...2011.01.16 23:07:00
- It doesn't look slick. It looks like a steaming pile of *****. The UI unquestionably needs work, but ...2011.01.16 23:02:00

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