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- mine always auto attack. Also when something is desytoyed the fly on to the next agresser but agains ...2005.04.15 17:27:00
- Good move CCP. I was doing 400 damage a gun @ 70km with Pulses. No way should Pulse out damage Beams ...2005.04.14 14:08:00
- its j0o ...2005.04.14 14:02:00
- Ingame it tells me i have no implants :O ...2005.04.13 23:10:00
- Using the mighty Golden Ration i have determined that 13 minutes will be best! ...2005.04.13 22:31:00
- Great corp with great people and chat is a laugh. Only reason i left is i want to go it alone and tr ...2005.04.13 20:22:00
- edited ...2005.04.13 17:15:00
- Edited by: Masi on 13/04/2005 18:00:37Welcome to the first ISK Corp sale. The items for sale are:The ...2005.04.13 16:56:00
- Edited by: Mitsuki Morino on 13/04/2005 01:21:03 Just to actually report an issue post-patch...When ...2005.04.13 02:16:00
- Who gives a toss about WoW. Most people dont understand how complex Eve is esp with all member on 1 ...2005.04.12 22:40:00
- ****ing hell people get a life do something else for the few hours its downDo not bypass the bad wor ...2005.04.12 22:36:00
- Typhoon - Has great detail and also IMO looks like a proper BSWolf - Fast, agile and packs a serious ...2005.04.12 21:11:00
- Yes i belive Cornexant had the first scorp with a BPO bought with Bladerunners i also think they los ...2005.04.12 21:05:00
- Its a bad sign im afraid. I've noticed things and im 21. But nothing to that extreme your showing ye ...2005.04.10 09:33:00
- what the hell is that thing in the middle :O ...2005.04.09 22:33:00

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