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- It violates the EULA, thus CCP may act against any player based on ICELANDIC law. Read relevant lega ...2011.09.05 12:56:00
- They can issue a Cease and Desist Order (Cause as you may know it is against the law to profit off o ...2011.09.05 07:49:00
- If you think this is funny consider this story:During that server crash 2 nights ago (the same night ...2011.08.11 12:15:00
- if NPC's are gankable just like those undocking hauler ****whits (and player pays for their cargo) s ...2011.08.11 12:07:00
- this is totaly legit, and deserving a bump, I'd tengu with him all around the world, and then some. ...2011.04.30 17:31:00
- oh god please make it eXtremely normal type of sounds... would sOOOOO 4chanlike :D ...2011.03.28 06:39:00
- So thos "blog" could be taken as a "I have a dream" sort of thing?Still - if someone could bring thi ...2011.03.25 11:20:00
- Guys you better deny or confirm this: ...2011.03.25 09:50:00
- i think they should just change it to state that the shot hit you, but it did no discernibly damage. ...2011.03.16 08:01:00
- Your idea isn't new and it's been rejected before because it is a horribly bad for your ...2011.01.27 07:34:00
- Edited by: Scout lollita on 26/01/2011 22:09:58 Will only benefit high sec gankers.Afterburn and ar ...2011.01.26 22:19:00
- This is quite plain and simple idea, I did some searches and at least recently it was not discussed, ...2011.01.26 20:16:00
- im writing on behalf of "Mind Augas", he wants to buy a gtc.send it to him. ...2010.06.06 20:51:00
- EVE needs couple things from warhammer, for example: - kill x pod pilots from Y faction (maby flyin ...2009.04.27 06:32:00

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