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- Just wanted to say hi and im glad ive joined this corp, nice friendly ppl with no big egos telling m ...2007.03.21 19:52:00
- is there a mac version of eve anywhere available for download? hate these things, but i am stuck on ...2004.07.08 15:42:00
- Kuga is Croatian for: Plague. ...2004.03.16 13:41:00
- Edited by: Kuga on 05/03/2004 15:39:01 Hello there, when Castor has been introduced, my agents wer ...2004.03.05 15:38:00
- obviously, we have a case of misunderstanding during communication. If the price was 30mio, and Tank ...2004.03.04 14:54:00
- ...What do the alliances gain? Anyone up to that actual challenge of defining what everyone gains?fu ...2004.02.21 11:19:00
- Hydromagnetic Physics Medium Shield Extender II.lvl2 agent dropped that, after I ignored him for 7 w ...2004.02.18 13:22:00
- What do you think the construction blocks are for - ballast!no, pilot's seat. ...2004.02.14 03:40:00
- Seems like there are not so many implants given out,since castor. I used to get an implant every 10 ...2004.01.06 13:37:00
- yeah, happy new year. ...2004.01.01 12:01:00
- Ther is no bonus for this mission, no matter what the Dev-team member is claiming;) I completed this ...2003.12.30 15:19:00
- Agent very probably.dont think so. because it should be impossible to reach a certain standing towar ...2003.12.18 19:11:00
- "you need a standing of at least 4.85 to use this service"the standing of 4.85 is related to:a) fact ...2003.12.18 18:59:00
- Did you not read this LinkageTigseven if I had. would it have changed my situation? ...2003.12.18 18:04:00
- lololololol. now that i wasnt able to bring that prisoner, my agent tells me: "I just work with peop ...2003.12.18 17:51:00

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