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- What's faster than a chav in Tottenham with a plasmascreen? His brother with the DVD player.Bumped ...2011.08.17 18:19:00
- Just wanted to add a little something that's been bothering me about the removal of 'ship spinning' ...2011.08.05 21:06:00
- I wasn't there. ...2011.07.28 03:11:00
- Very very nice work. ...2011.07.16 23:05:00
- Hmmm, this crashing needs to stop and the button to 'report bug' needs to be made bigger or at least ...2011.07.16 22:37:00
- I joined recently and I'm glad I did, lots an lots of happy people here, very cool guys to fly with. ...2011.07.08 20:23:00
- You don't need a silly top ten list with idiotic items when there is only one reason the protest f ...2011.07.05 22:14:00
- An example shown out of context.Like ... this. After five minutes of watching, i start laughing. ...2011.07.02 01:13:00
- Why cant they just sell better ammo in the player run market? ...2011.07.01 15:40:00
- Edited by: Le Sabre on 01/07/2011 12:54:41 Edited by: Jebidus Skari on 01/07/2011 11:56:47 I can't ...2011.07.01 12:54:00
- ITT: A guide on how to make a successful 'Great Wall' of text.Omg my eyes. ...2011.07.01 03:31:00
- It just that it was the one of the nerdiest things ive ever seen in my life. Just funny to me. Let ...2011.06.30 23:49:00
- Yes they should because its their right to cry but a space protest ? Lol spacenerdrage4life.Well, wh ...2011.06.30 23:42:00
- I also shot at the jita statue, but im not a protester, i just frequent Jita and thought it was funn ...2011.06.29 03:38:00
- I guess the majority of the people have reached the "acceptance" step in the "kühler-ross model" (Li ...2011.06.29 02:56:00

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