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- By day, scavok was a mild-mannered goon FC. But by night, he transformed into a mild-mannered goon F ...2009.03.15 03:41:00
- I heard you need GM's to save your towers since you can't do it by force. c/c?I can confirm that we ...2009.03.01 17:49:00
- I hear you guys had some trouble killing an offline pos, do you want some pointers?Pointer 1: You're ...2009.03.01 17:39:00
- Sold my minmatar cap pilot ages ago, never looked back. Completely unsurprised that Naglfars are sti ...2009.02.28 18:40:00
- Edited by: Muro Deez on 28/02/2009 15:12:15 What's more hilarious is that I'd guess EXE now control ...2009.02.28 15:11:00
- Edited by: Snot Shot on 24/02/2009 01:45:49Goonswarm won the single largest and most Epic War in EVE ...2009.02.24 04:02:00
- I don't know if anyone pointed this out but UNL is United Legion, not UNLeashed Legion, you dorks. ...2009.02.24 04:00:00
- no seriously it's probably a bad idea to leave newlines in ...2009.02.21 06:12:00
- asdasd ...2009.02.21 06:10:00
- Sent. ...2009.02.18 17:52:00
- Secure only~ ...2009.02.18 17:43:00
- nah about to commute, bb in 1hrSame. Taking the bus is a mixed blessing but it's preferable to drivi ...2009.02.17 12:09:00
- Thats odd because I'm sitting in a pos shield right now. Sky was also found to be blue. ...2009.02.15 16:17:00
- Edited by: Muro Deez on 14/02/2009 03:23:52 Stop ignoring my awesome advices regarding your clothes ...2009.02.14 03:24:00
- And the CSAA tower is down.Two CSAA's One System One Mother ship And one TitanWHAT A DAY!Plus 4 k ...2009.02.13 03:50:00

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