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- sold to good offer. This post now complete ...2011.04.13 13:01:00
- belated bump ...2011.04.13 07:02:00
- Edited by: KiwiMatt on 13/04/2011 13:01:47 Edited by: KiwiMatt on 13/04/2011 13:01:35 Starting Pri ...2011.04.07 07:03:00
- Has something changed? I started running eve across 2 24 inch monitors in feb 2008 3840x1200 with no ...2010.11.30 22:55:00
- damn right they should stay...which reminds me i have a spare mobile refinery operation skillbook ga ...2010.11.30 14:55:00
- lol after years of argueing, Pottsey might take victory after all.I trained all the advanced learnin ...2010.11.26 02:33:00
- It's a valid thing to do. I stopped training my main for a few months - trained a 2ndry char for hul ...2010.11.16 08:05:00
- hi,had these two sitting ina dusty corner of my hanger for many years, already have them learnt myse ...2010.07.29 08:43:00
- Eve is dying... I've been hearing that one for 7 years now and for some reason it just keeps expandi ...2010.06.19 08:17:00
- ooh - i do like that one - has me at 25th on the board of fame. A bit behind some of the regulars i ...2010.04.23 16:47:00
- I got this rare drone some time around june/july 2003 - think it dropped from something and have nev ...2010.04.21 15:25:00
- quick hanger scan.... nah - it's mobile refinery i have a spare of not mobile factory...good luck i ...2010.04.19 04:27:00
- well i have a spare one sitting in a hanger but would only let it go for a considerable amount of IS ...2010.04.04 16:12:00
- Well it's a skill forum and reaching 100m sp's is a major milestone so post away.congrats.Maybe you ...2010.04.04 16:01:00
- Well I have been playing since June 2003 so consider myself to have a massive advantage. I would h ...2010.03.22 02:14:00

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