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- I'd rather blow my isk attacking new players than give you a penny. ...2011.06.25 18:38:00
- -4 Accounts ...2011.06.25 17:29:00
- Survey says 20:21 ...2011.06.20 14:32:00
- EVE is up and running for me. Must be your computers.I got cut off/kicked out http://eve-offline.n ...2011.06.13 23:09:00
- Congratulate me I just got my first random client crash after installing 2nd UI patch, issues with t ...2011.06.13 23:07:00
- Greetings, I don't think we've met. ...2011.01.22 21:13:00
- 1. How frequently, if ever, do you purchase GTC with real money?Twice, in my first year, no more sin ...2010.12.21 10:37:00
- OP meant to title this "Pirates" are hateful and offensive curs ...2010.10.30 23:10:00
- This must be the most idiotic question ever but with CCP's reputation are you sure 30 minutes is eno ...2010.10.30 22:16:00
- It isn't cheating the game or anything but it is, depending on why/when you do it and to what extent ...2010.10.30 11:00:00
- 3 I wish I had stuck with 2, I had plans for them but as my interest and frustration dwindled and gr ...2010.10.27 20:19:00
- Buy players, or just their characters then sell them for a profit, or hoard them. ...2010.10.27 01:57:00
- yeah well nobody got my really obvious physics joke so im gonna go in that box and sleep now. OR AM ...2010.10.27 00:18:00
- Yes, and yes.I came here expecting a very special offer that would make me rich, left disappointed b ...2010.10.27 00:11:00
- Sports are dumb./thread ...2010.10.27 00:06:00

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