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- Unsubbed one account. A seven years old account. ...2011.06.25 09:31:00
- This is hilarious. CCP has been ****ing away customer goodwill like nothing I've ever seen before th ...2011.06.22 00:08:00
- Since I rarely have time to watch live stuff, the utility of this is somewhat questionable.However, ...2011.03.11 09:55:00
- Well, I was originally going to reply "**** you CCP, stop being slowpokes. I like my halfassed expan ...2010.11.13 00:51:00
- CCP can you PLEASE set the default EVEGate shared access to NO PILOTS!QFT. ...2010.05.25 16:01:00
- I had noticed the technique you're using for city lights/etc as well as the new starfield when diggi ...2010.01.19 22:08:00
- CCP priorities fail 2.0. First Dust, then this. No, EVE doesn't need Evebook or AvatarSpace or wha ...2009.09.29 01:39:00
- Console only??? What the f*** is CCP smoking? "OH YES, LET'S BUILD A GAME IN THE SAME UNIVERSE AS A ...2009.08.18 14:43:00
- OP: No. I've played EVE since Exodus, and every patch there's been forum drama. As an example to C ...2009.03.13 01:49:00
- If you don't leave my Concord mails alone or allow us to export them, then I quit*! I really mean it ...2008.11.19 00:43:00
- Bad idea all around. The only thing this will lead to is people taking a month or two off, deciding ...2008.10.13 23:49:00
- And it's things like this that make it worth it to live in Norway; we're still in Europe, but pay in ...2008.07.01 21:02:00
- tl;dr. Also, stop whining. I've played for three and a half years, most of that time spent... docked ...2008.07.01 01:50:00
- Meh. For one, this doesn't seem to have anywhere near enough rewards for the hassle. Secondly, since ...2008.05.29 15:45:00
- Although I only read the first few chapters (I'm not much of a fan of waiting for the next installme ...2008.02.28 12:35:00

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