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- Turn off chanting in Amarr stations! I like to play with the sound on, but this chanting just needs ...2011.02.08 04:05:00
- Discombobulated. ...2011.02.06 03:46:00
- How much did Space Barbie scam you for? ...2011.01.30 04:03:00
- I regret to inform you that you are not quite beautiful enough. Don't worry, it's the inner beauty ...2011.01.22 13:42:00
- Your portrait.... it's gone AWOL, man! ...2011.01.18 12:18:00
- Thank you for all the offers! I have now joined a new corp. ...2010.11.21 03:02:00
- Edited by: Khonsu on 21/11/2010 03:05:08 I have now joined a corp. ...2010.11.19 15:48:00
- And once again while undocking, no maps or anything... Don't think any video was playing, but maybe ...2010.11.11 17:16:00
- I just crashed again, not with the map open, but tactical overview. ...2010.11.11 16:08:00
- Who said EVE was dying in the first place? If you want a dying game with ships, head over to PotBS ...2010.11.07 08:02:00
- Tell me the name of a game that can handle 1200 players in the same playfield. ...2010.11.06 04:39:00
- By the way, this is not specific to Flash. It happens with video files in Media Player too, maybe ot ...2010.11.03 18:11:00
- Disabling HW acceleration did not fix this issue for me :( 5850 card, win 7 64 ...2010.10.30 04:55:00
- I'm more excited about the fact that "merge ships/items into station panel" now doesn't get borked a ...2008.03.13 17:52:00
- There are some juicy bits in there... like:Trinity Patch 1.1 will remove the need for direct fleet i ...2008.02.29 22:45:00

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