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- Moving ice to nul and low sec, with the current state of nul is nothing more than allowing the large ...2011.08.23 13:42:00
- Edited by: Lady Ayeipsia on 15/08/2011 15:53:24 I would cancel all 3 of my subscriptions if ice wer ...2011.08.15 15:50:00
- Unless I missed something today, AAA still owns HED. They along with several associates, of which my ...2011.08.09 17:46:00
- True, there are people in this game with more money than sense.However, I don't think the op has met ...2011.06.29 19:51:00
- I still like about CCP..."•BPOs and BPCs can now be uniquely identified in cargo scanner results whe ...2011.06.28 21:45:00
- I would buy aurum for that! ...2011.06.28 21:41:00
- Edited by: Lady Ayeipsia on 24/06/2011 11:55:03 So should I train y2k medium lasers, or will autoca ...2011.06.24 11:54:00
- I agree, it's a good, fun expansion. Thanks for the update and the work u put in ccp! ...2011.06.22 14:11:00
- New account management system. I don't think you have to.My accounts were set to auto pay. On the 19 ...2011.06.22 13:56:00
- Also, MT stands for micro transactions. 80$ US is not micro! ...2011.06.22 12:32:00
- Edited by: Lady Ayeipsia on 22/06/2011 12:28:58 You need to train reading comprehension to 5... hec ...2011.06.22 12:19:00
- Lol... If you are done sticking you tongue up there a$$, maybe you will get the after taste. We coul ...2011.06.22 11:59:00
- Edited by: Lady Ayeipsia on 22/06/2011 11:53:15 Thank you ccp, I've been greatly enjoying this expa ...2011.06.22 11:52:00
- I believe that refers to 3rd party aps that would work in game like a bot.Something that accesses th ...2011.06.16 17:53:00
- Um... that is they charge 100 for commercial uses.If u charge nothing, then free license. For exampl ...2011.06.15 18:29:00

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